Looking for a church family in Blantyre? You've found it.

Blantyre is a city that grew up around the Hope of Christ. At Flood, we believe that this hope is the true hope of life and that no matter the despair that appears on the surface, this hope is just waiting to be called out and re-awakened in every one of us.  Join our small but vibrant community on Sunday mornings and throughout the week as we seek to do just that. When you walk in the doors of our church in Blantyre, you might be a stranger; from that moment forward, you’re family.
All are invited; Come as you are. 

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Flood Blantyre was planted in 2015. We are part of a movement dedicated to reaching upcoming generations in the urban centers of Africa with the Hope of Christ. Our diverse community gathers in the heart of Blantyre city, praying and working to be a home for the faithful, the seeking, the hurt, and the disillusioned alike. Our church body is an eclectic mix of cultures and our services reflect that. From the front we speak primarily in English and secondarily in Chichewa but embrace an occasional sprinkling of worship songs in other tongues.  When we say one of our core values is “Come as You Are,” we mean it, on deep levels and surface ones. Whether you want to wear a suit and tie, a chitenje print dress, or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, come on in and join us in worshiping the Lord. 

Flood Blantyre: Awakening a City of Hope

Our mission is to serve the city in love and faith with authentic connections to develop a movement of hope-filled people rooted in Yesu (Jesus).

I am a part of Flood because here I am allowed to be me, exactly who I am, around people who love me and help me draw closer to Jesus. The authentic connections that are a lifestyle at this church have made this a place I want to stay. 

Collina Nkhambule

Financial Auditor
Flood Member since 2016

Flood Chuch is a welcoming community of believers. I feel a sense of belonging here; I am fed spiritually and I have the opportunity to be involved and to use my gifts. 

Lori Smith

S.I.M. Malawi Volunteer,
Flood Member since 2018

We know many people who actually want a faith community but have tattoos or a complicated past or addictions they are fighting or something like that and they have shared that don’t feel welcome at church. One of the things we appreciate about Flood is that know we can invite these friends of ours to come, because the church really does let people come as they are, let people come to Jesus no matter what they look like or where they have been. We love being part of Flood because we feel like it is a community that is really committed to following Jesus and doesn’t judge or exclude anyone from that. 

Tiyamike and Sandra Falinya

Videographer, Clothing Designer,
Members of Flood since 2015


Sunday Sermon

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